What I learned at Our Company Party Pt. 2

christmas party banner

Secondly, I learned that everyone should have a go-to karaoke song they feel comfortable singing and are fairly good at. At the request of everyone to have me stand up and sing, there was no way I was going up there without someone singing with me.

My mother in law Debbie was quick to look up a Queen song on her phone (she knows that I love Queen). So she said how about, Fat Bottom Girls? I said sure, and we were on our way up to sing. We started strong, I think. Having a go to karaoke song means you have probably tested several versions on You tube to make sure you can clearly read the lyrics. Us? Not so much. This was a spur of the moment decision. Needless to say there we were singing and half way through the song, the lyrics start blurring out. We kind of winged it and I mostly hummed the rest of the song except for the hook, I had that down. I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting asked to sing next year!

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