Vinyl Composite Tile

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Vinyl Composite Tile or commonly referred to as VCT is predominantly in dental offices, breakrooms, daycares, production areas and hallways. The frequency we recommend these floors be serviced will depend on your foot traffic. Obviously the higher the foot traffic, the more often we recommend the floors be serviced to maintain their sheen. Our pricing is based on a few factors such as:
1. Last time it was serviced.
2. Size of the space.
3. Amount of time it will require to strip and wax it.

Our 4-step process is designed to bring the shine back to any dull floor. Whether your VCT was recently installed or just dull from heavy foot traffic,we can bring it back to life with our VCT stripping, waxing and polishing maintenance plans. On average a 1,000 sq ft floor will take 4-5 hours to strip and wax it. The process is much shorter if we are only buffing it(which we recommend in between the strip and wax semi-annually or annually). Because the floor finish requires time to cure, items such as furniture or equipment should not be put back until at least 24 hours. You should avoid rolling items back like chairs because they can cause the floor finish to come up if you don’t wait the 24 hours.

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