"I have used Evelyn's service at one of Waste Management's sites for over 2 years now and am in the process of adding a second in 2013. In the two years that I have used her service I have not had one single issue or complaint. Great customer service, work is always done on time and above standards, makes me as the customer feel as her most important client."- Jason K.


Evelyn Hernandez Tavernier, President

From her native country of Guatemala City, Guatemala Central America, Evelyn first came to the US at the age of 6. Her single mother knew there was more to offer her daughter than the life she could provide in Guatemala. Saving everything she could and gathering all of their belongings, they made the trip to the US. Saving as much as possible and working hard were two lessons that Evelyn learned at a young age from her mother.

Evelyn struggled in her last year at Texas State University working part time and commuting to school from Cedar Park on a daily basis but received her Bachelor's in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. Although she attended school longer than most, Evelyn paid 90% of her way through school with full and part time jobs. It was while working at startups after graduating that she developed an entrepreneurial spirit.

Evelyn and Dan Tavernier her husband of 10 years have a 9 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. It is her hope to raise hard working and independent children.

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